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Unisex T-Shirts! - TWO Styles - Full Color - Sizes S, M, L, and XL!

Unisex T-Shirts!

TWO Styles - Full Color - Sizes S, M, L, and XL!

Get your hands on one of the FEW T-shirts we have produced. Just choose which design you prefer and place your order! Then you can brag to all of your friends how you are the OG of the next gen. New World music movement.

Official Novus Cantus Tank (for her) -

Official Novus Cantus Tank (for her)

You don't just want to listen to the world's first official ORGANIC, GRASSROOTS-supported music duo in a dark bedroom corner with the blinds drawn... do you?? NO! Break out and dawn the FIRST official Novus Cantus "tank with swank" with pride! Not only will you look GREAT (see the reviews!) but you will also support two down-to-earth guys who only want to make passionate music for YOU, without the industry getting in the way. If you have any questions or ideas, PLEASE reach out to us! Definitely ZOOM IN to preview darker colors to really see it - it looks nice!

Novus Cantus Mug (Large 15oz!) -

Novus Cantus Mug (Large 15oz!)

Let your coffee club know just how passionate you are about truly independent, rhythmic acoustic rock with a big 'ol cup of Novus Cantus!


Become a Novus Cantus Patron!

Novus Cantus is completely fan-funded.  What does that mean? Well, just like supporting public radio or tv, you can support Novus Cantus by becoming our patron. It starts at $1, and once you become a Patron you become part of our community.

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  • November 16, 2019
    Silvana, New York, NY

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